All these flying machines are designed in 3D and all the carbon parts have their mold. We are looking for an industrial firm to manage production and marketing


This is the classic Altigenerator completely revised and corrected; the structure is made of carbon. The motorized harness weighs only 12 Kg with its 18 liter tank and its electric starting system.

Delta Trike

This small weigh shift trike combines all the advantages of a large carbon structure. The trike weighs only 35 kg with its 18 liter tank and its electric starting system.

Paramotor Mini Dragon

A very light and powerful paramotor with an 18-liter tank. the frame is made of carbon and foldable in a few clicks without any tools.


Paramotor Pegassus

This paramotor is identical to the mini dragon but with a more powerful reduced motor and a larger propeller.


Para Trike

 A streamlined paramotor on wheels with its complete dashboard, a 20-liter storage box fully foldable in a few clicks and weighing only 35 kg.

Start Stop Switch

This little switch allowed you to start and stop your engine by simply pressing your thumb

Control Unit

Control handle including tachometer, fuel level and a single push switch to start and stop the engine